Delfs' Engineering is a hardware and software consulting firm specializing in vertical market solutions to existing problems. 

We develop innovative, user-friendly and high quality solutions for organizations seeking effective systems for their information management, company and processes.

We specialize database based solutions in FileMaker development combined with PHP, HTML5 and other technologies. This combination results in a broad stroke of skills, integrating technologies and web services to successfully achieve the most cost effective solution. In addition to building custom solutions, we offer comprehensive hosting services that can make your IT management more cost effective and reliable. We offer both Web Hosting and FileMaker Database Hosting combined with Email services, server redundency and remote storage space.

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Charles J. Delfs - President

Charles Delfs is a hardware and software specialist who knows business systems. His engineering experience includes RF, gas instrumentation and microprocessor systems. As an entrepreneur he has run businesses for over 25 years in many different fields.

A professor once taught him a valuable lesson that he has incorporated in every solution since. 

"Find the elegant solution"

A simple axiom that meant too often a technical solution is too complicated, less reliable and too costly.

"My first computer had only 1K of ram, 
back then you had to be creative and write efficient un-bloated machine cod

Maury Markowitz - Senior Programmer

Maury has built production systems using almost all common database platforms, including commercial big-iron systems like Sybase and MS SQL, their opensource competitors like MySQL and PostgreSQL, and even lesser-known platforms like Firebird and SQLite. His specialty is using ODBC/JDBC and similar vendor-neutral technologies to link together disparate systems into much more useful tools - "slio-busting", as it's known. Maury's systems are actively being used in the financials industry, hospital and university administration, and smaller company IT systems.

Maury is a regular contributor to Wikipedia with over 30,000 Edits and thousands of articles. He specializes in computer hardware, software and database history.


Jordan is a marketing student at the University of Guelph. She uses her education and creative thinking to create beautiful, and usable websites.