Delfs' Engineering, is a professional solutions development company, with 20 years of experience developing custom software solutions. We specialize in working with our clients to produce custom databases that save the customer time and money. The database solutions we deliver are developed as the result of strong customer interaction and years of experience developing workflow management systems. Our preferred tool is FileMaker Pro. Filemaker is a rock solid proven platform for database systems.

Communicating Across Different Platforms Do you use Quickbooks?  Perhaps you need to connect to iCal or Google Calendar?

We are a FULL SERVICE database development company. We have extensive experience and resources that may be leveraged to solve a customer problem. Our first had business management experience means our customers experience little risk when converting paper and spreadsheet based systems into automated business workflow designs.

Software for any situation:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Asset management
  • Scheduling
  • Event management
  • Inventory
  • Calendaring
  • Publishing
  • Reporting & data mining
  • Accounting & budgeting
  • Surveys
  • HR
  • Student registration
  • Class curricula
  • Scientific data
  • E-commerce
  • Contract management

Other things your business may need: 

  • Database to Web connectivity. You or your customers can access information from your database via a web browser.
  • External SQL Source. This feature establishes a live two-way connection between FileMaker Pro and top SQL data sources. 
  • Automatic sending of emails. Database can easily be set up to send email to customers.
  • Automatic receipt and processing of in-bound emails is useful for managing customers accounts.
  • Printing and Scanning of Bar Codes. Bar codes are printed from (and later may be scanned into) the database using a selection of hardware accessories for the computer. 
  • Deploying your own E-Commerce system. 
  • Labels and merged Stationary
  • Credit Card Processing and electronic billing and collections.