Render complex web data acquisition forms, wizards and data tables to your users with a fully responsive highly scalable framework. 


  • Custom summary modals and alert options

  • Full hook routing and state management 

  • Developer local-to-app local hooks

  • Installation, update  and deployment routines

  • Fully responsive UI

  • Mutli-mode authentication system

  • Forms processing and workflow engine

Live Demo

Below is a live form! It seamlessly integrates right into this web page. It maintains its full responsiveness, so it renders great on mobile devices.

Fully responsive UI 

Render forms seamlessly across all platforms with a mobile first bias to design. Never worry about emailing a link to a complex form and having the user attempt to fill it and abandon out of frustration.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 12.25.56 PM.png

Client-Side and Server-Side Validation

Trap all the common validation issues right in the browser. For more complicated validation rules that require data, there are Filemaker server script hooks that give you full control and the ability to authenticate and even redirect the user in their workflow. The developer gets full access to the the user, form, state and data models.

Forms Processing and workflow engine

  • Multiple form types including a plain and multi-step wizard

  • Wizard form type supports multiple pages

  • Form editor and options setting via FM controller app

Installation and Deployment 

  • Single FMS hosted controller file that interfaces the web application with your existing app.

  • Web app deployed with a server-less hosting provider directly within the controller file.

  • Single click web updates allow for both staging / test and production deployments.

Full Authentication Model

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 12.22.50 PM.png

Sign up / registration script hooks, password reset and revocation are all easy with FM BetterForms. 

You can even pass smart URL links to authenticate users. This allows you to email a user a link and have a prepopulated form rendered for them.

  • Authenticate via URL hash

  • Authenticate via Username (email) and password

  • Enable web sign up, account creation

  • Developer Hooks for password reset and forgot password

Workflow Hooks For Full Control

Developers have local-to-app hooks - hooks have been designed to run local to the existing developers app. This allows the BetterForms controller file to be easily updated. Hooks allow for 'state management' letting the developer control the full user experience. 

Callback hooks for any API needs including:

  • onLogin

  • onTabChange (form)

  • onComplete (form)

  • others

Custom Alerts and Modals

Various Summary modals and alert options allowing you to pass detailed HTML messages back to the user (e.g. 'you have an error with your email address')

Let's Discuss Your Application ...

FM BetterForms is a fluid framework. It can be customized to suit nearly any use case. Lets discuss your need and see how FM BetterForms can solve your web application needs.