The Datumbox API offers a large number of off-the-shelf Classifiers and Natural Language Processing services which can be used in a broad spectrum of applications including: Sentiment Analysis, Topic Classification, Language Detection, Subjectivity Analysis, Spam Detection, Reading Assessment, Keyword and Text Extraction and more. All services are accessible via our powerful REST API which allows you to develop your own smart Applications in no time.

This demo is a sandbox for exploring the DatumBox API.


This API can achieve a few things useful to many apps. If you send either transactional or bulk (marketing) email it's pretty bad when they can't get into the target inbox (especially transactional – stuff like receipts, invoices, etc.) This is also bad as it affects the credibility of your sending account.

Things like spam detection will help them avoid getting into trouble. It will indicate if the cover letter for an email receipt is spammy and likely to get picked off.

The sentiment endpoint is good because if your client is replying to a question or complaint they can get heated and hopefully that will keep them positive.

Let me know how you used it.


Download the demo here ...  (You will need your own API key )